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Race Discrimination

Some of Wigdor’s largest and most noteworthy cases have involved race discrimination. We are proud of our attorneys’ successful track record in holding employers accountable and helping victims of race discrimination in virtually all industries recover substantial financial settlements. 

Race discrimination is still too common in the workplace. It affects people in all industries and at all levels of employment, despite numerous federal, state and local laws in place that make discriminating against employees or job applicants based on a person’s race unlawful. 

In other words, it is unlawful to subject an employee or applicant to adverse treatment based on their race in connection with respect to any aspect of their employment, including hiring, compensation, promotions, job training and terminations. Federal, state and local anti-discrimination laws also prohibit an employer’s from making employment decisions based on racial stereotypes and assumptions about the abilities, traits, or performance capabilities.

It also is unlawful to subject someone to a racially “hostile work environment.” A hostile work environment occurs when individuals of one race are treated less favorably than those of other races. This can include being subjected to racially based remarks or slurs, stereotyping, nicknames, symbols of racism or racially based jokes in the workplace environment. 

Additionally, it can include assigning less desirable shifts or job duties to an employee because of their race. Race discrimination can be unlawful whether it is perpetrated by a supervisor, co-worker, customer or vendor.

If you think you may have been a victim of race discrimination, speak with an attorney who can advise you of your rights. An experienced race discrimination attorney can help you put together your claim and sort through the necessary evidence to help prove your case.

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