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Gender Discrimination

Wigdor’s lawyers have represented clients in gender discrimination cases against hundreds of the largest and most powerful companies on the planet across virtually every industry, including finance, tech, law, accounting, sports and entertainment, advertising, hospitality, sales, health care and medicine. No employment law firm has the breadth of experience that we do when it comes to fighting against the biggest companies and law firms – we back down from no one.

It is unlawful to discriminate or harass an employee based on their gender. It is also unlawful for an employer to treat an employee differently because of his, her or their gender or because he or she or they associated with a group that identifies with or is linked to a certain gender. Gender discrimination comes in many forms, including pay/bonus disparities, unlawful termination, failure to promote and “steering,” or “mommy tracking.” Sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination and sexual orientation discrimination are also forms of gender discrimination.

In addition to the discrete acts described above, it also is unlawful to subject someone to a “hostile work environment” based on sex. A hostile work environment occurs when individuals of one sex are treated less favorably than those of other sexes. This can include being subjected to sexist based remarks or slurs, stereotyping and being assigned less desirable shifts or job duties.  It can also include general hostility to the extent that the hostility is directed at persons of a particular sex.

Among the federal, state and local laws that prohibit gender discrimination, the federal and New York Equal Pay Acts specifically prohibit discriminatory pay practices.

Consult a knowledgeable gender discrimination lawyer if you believe your rights have been violated. You may be entitled to significant compensation.

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