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The Adult Survivors Act

The Adult Survivors Act (ASA) allows adult sexual assault survivors a one-year window to bring claims against abusers in New York and temporarily sets aside the statute of limitations for individuals who were the victims of sexual assault while over the age of 18. It is effective until November 24th, 2023. These claims can be brought against an individual perpetrator or companies and institutions.

At Wigdor, we have been advocates of and championed for the passage of the Adult Survivors Act for many years. The law firm is thankful that sexual assault survivors in New York now have this additional, limited opportunity to seek recourse, and our lawyers want to assist as many individuals as we can during this additional time to achieve accountability and justice. 

Wigdor helps adult sexual assault survivors navigate the legal process and protects them while fighting aggressively on their behalf to obtain their best outcomes. Our attorneys have vast experience representing hundreds of victims of sexual assault and harassment, and we encourage survivors to take advantage of this extended opportunity to report sexual assault claims in New York, which ends November 24, 2023. 

As sexual assault covers a wide range of circumstances, the recovery period can vary significantly from person to person. While some can report a sexual assault immediately, others need years to voice what happened because of fear of retaliation, social consequences and revisiting the trauma. Wigdor knows that allowing victims the time and space that they need to heal is a necessary and important part of the recovery process. 

If you or a loved one are a sexual assault survivor in New York who was previously unable to file a sexual assault claim because of time constraints, please consult with our attorneys to see if we can help you bring accountability, closure and justice.

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