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Bonus Disputes

In many industries, executives and employees are often paid a large percentage of their compensation as a bonus in the year after they worked for their organization. For some professionals, their bonus can be larger than their base yearly salary. Unfortunately, employers often attempt to hold or claw back some or all of a professional’s bonus, by terminating him or her prior to the payment of the bonus or otherwise.

Wigdor has significant experience representing professionals and others in negotiations and litigation over unpaid bonus disputes and other high stakes compensation disputes. There are a several legal theories under which a professional may recover their bonus or other compensation. These include a breach of contract (whether written or oral) claim where a bonus was guaranteed as compensation for an executive’s employment. Recovery may also be possible through the theory of fraud, unjust enrichment or other quasi-contractual theories.

Even where a bonus is purportedly “discretionary,” or up to an employer and not included as part of an employment contract, Wigdor has successfully recovered a professional’s withheld bonus pursuant to a variety of legal theories. Overall, our compensation dispute lawyers have recovered millions of dollars in unpaid bonuses for its clients.

If you have not received the bonus that you believe you are entitled to, an experienced employment lawyer may help you resolve the bonus dispute. Contact Wigdor for a consultation.  

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