Welcome to the Wigdor LLP Employment Litigation Digest (“WELD”). We have been thinking for years that given the high profile employment litigation cases we handle, some attention should be given to digesting and monitoring trends, legislation and new laws, and recent opinions in this important area of the law. For years  we have been providing internal continuing legal education at Wigdor LLP.

Moreover, our attorneys have regularly appeared in both print and broadcast media commenting on our own cases and trends in the employment litigation area. We thought that it was time to share our insight with you.

The conventional definition for “WELD” is to bring things together. We thought a blog that welded together trends, legislation, new laws and opinions would empower people with knowledge of their legal rights as employees. We know how busy you are and don’t intend to overwhelm you with lengthy legal articles on esoteric subjects. Instead, we want to focus on what matters and digest convoluted issues into easy to read digests.

It is our hope that “WELD” becomes a source for employees in the workplace and a forum in which employees can stay abreast of their employment rights.

Navigating Your Right to Pregnancy Accommodations - NYC Maternity Discrimination Laws


As many women work late into their pregnancies, comprehensive laws on workplace pregnancy accommodations are needed to ensure that the welfare of a mother and her child are protected.  The…