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Age Discrimination In Employment At Technology Company Worldnow

Wigdor LLP represented Mr. Robert Mischel, a loyal and highly successful Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Treasurer in an action against his employer, New York-based software company – WorldNow. As alleged in the complaint, Mr. Mischel was subjected to egregious discrimination at the hands of the defendants with negative comments being made repeatedly regarding Mr. Mischel’s age, including a request that he dye his hair because it was graying. In addition to age discrimination claims, Mr. Mischel brought the action to redress the blatant, repeated and continuing violations of his employment agreement which resulted in the effective termination of Mr. Mischel despite his outstanding performance.

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Daily News
“60-year-old exec at WorldNow, online tech company, says boss forced him to dye his gray hair”
July 18, 2014
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