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Wigdor LLP has Filed Claims of Discrimination and Retaliation against the Westchester Country Club In NY

Wigdor LLP client Natalie Grainger has filed claims of discrimination and retaliation against the Westchester Country Club (“WCC” or the “Club”) – an exclusive country club in Westchester, New York, Mark Christiana, Board President of WCC, and Tom Nevin, Club Manager of WCC.

Read the Complaint Here

In 2018, a few months after becoming WCC’s Squash Director, Grainger became concerned that female WCC employees were being harassed by male club members.  Specifically, she learned that two of her junior reports were involved in sexual relationships with male club members, and in one instance, Grainger had to intervene because one of these women had, according to the woman’s sister, been drugged while out with a male club member.  Grainger also saw that a female employee was included in a “sext” exchange among male club members discussing a “lineup” of women they had apparently picked out for the evening’s “fun.”

Grainger complained about the harassment and protested repeatedly to the Club, including a written complaint to the Club’s Board Chairman, on March 7, 2022.  Rather than investigate Grainger’s complaints, the Club responded by demanding that Grainger “resign,” otherwise, according to Club Manager Nevin, she would be fired for cause and publicly embarrassed.  Grainger believes that the Club was tolerating the sexual harassment of female employees and after refusing to resign citing she was the victim of discrimination and retaliation, she was fired for cause.

Grainger was a world-class athlete and was incredibly successful in her role at WCC by expanding the squash programs for all ages, and developed a special mentoring program to assist youth players in getting accepted to top colleges, as well as Launching the Club’s groundbreaking Pickleball program on the Club’s paddle tennis courts, the first of its kind in the United States.  Grainger loved her job as Squash Director and was forced out of her role for having the courage to speak out against discrimination and retaliation at the Club.

Statement from Valdi Licul, Partner at Wigdor LLP:

“Natalie Grainger has filed this complaint because she was terminated from a job she loved for standing up for herself and other women after seeing the treatment by management at the WCC.  Clearly this type of behavior has gone on for quite some time and we stand with Ms. Grainger in her fight for equality.”

Statement from Natalie Grainger:

“I was shocked when I learned about the behavior of certain men at the WCC, and I ultimately lost my job because I chose to stand up for myself and other women.  I hope this lawsuit will help all who have endured this kind of discrimination and bring change to the culture at the WCC.”

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