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Wigdor Files Sexual Assault Suit Against Tal, Oren, and Alon Alexander

We represent Angelica Parker in connection with her claims of sexual assault against real estate moguls Tal and Oren Alexander, as well as their brother, Alon Alexander.  As alleged in the complaint, filed on June 18th, 2024, Ms. Parker was raped by Tal Alexander and Alon Alexander, while Oren Alexander, who set up and facilitated the group sexual assault, sat by and watched.  While Alon and Oren Alexander have recently been sued multiple times for sexual assault (and dozens of other women have reportedly come forward), this is the first such suit brought against Tal, as well as the first brought against all three brothers. 

After news broke regarding the allegations against Oren Alexander, he stepped down and was eventually removed from Official Partners, the real estate firm he co-founded with his brother Tal, among others.  Then on June 16, 2024, Tal sent an email to colleagues that said, inter alia, “I have little doubt that given my close relationship with my brothers, at some juncture,  lawyer or many lawyers will soon try to lump me in with the allegations against Alon and Oren.”  When he made this statement, Tal was already aware that Ms. Parker intended to file this suit, and his statement was nothing more than a public relations stunt designed to “get out ahead” of the filing.  As alleged in the complaint, the reality is that it is the Alexander brothers’ modus operandi to engage in coordinated group sexual assaults, and this was well known to many who spent time around the brothers.  In addition, recent reporting indicates that do other women have come forward with their own stories about Tal Alexander.


“This lawsuit is intended to send a message that the law applies even to the very wealthy and well connected, including the Alexanders.  We applaud Angelica’s bravery in coming forward, as we have no doubt that the Alexanders will amass an army of PR reps and private investigators to launch a victim shaming campaign.”

The full complaint can be read here.

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