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Wigdor Files Pregnancy Discrimination Lawsuit Against J&J

Wigdor LLP has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Jing Kong, a former Senior Scientist at Johnson & Johnson for pregnancy discrimination.  As alleged in the Complaint, as part of recent layoffs at J&J, the company shamelessly claimed that Ms. Kong’s recently announced pregnancy had nothing to do with why she was the only one chosen from her 17-member team to be part of the reduction in force.   For far too long, accomplished female professionals such as our client, Jing Kong, have been subjected to insidious bias for becoming pregnant, as alleged.  

The Complaint can be read here:

Statement from Jeanne Christensen, Partner at Wigdor LLP: 

“As a pharmaceutical giant, J&J claims to be a leader in terms of valuing female employees and their contributions to science.  But when it comes to the bottom line, actions speak louder than mere promises on its website.  We look forward to holding J&J accountable for its gender-based discriminatory conduct.”