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Wigdor Files Discrimination Lawsuit Against Astatine Investment Partners

On August 1st, 2023, Wigdor LLP filed a discrimination and retaliation lawsuit on behalf of Patricia Burnell against Astatine Investment Partners (“Astatine” or the “Firm”), and its Managing Partners James Metcalfe and Andrew Bishop.

Like many financial services firms, Astatine is a male-dominated firm that rewards men with elevated titles and higher pay even when they underperform. Women, like our client, are sidelined and denied the same benefits and opportunities for advancement as their male counterparts. Ms. Burnell, despite her impeccable credentials and years of outstanding performance, was repeatedly denied equal compensation and passed over for promotions given to younger men with far inferior qualifications and worse performance records. Ms. Burnell protested the blatant gender discrimination, but that only made things worse. Mr. Metcalfe warned Ms. Burnell that she was “not helping herself” by complaining. True to his word, only months after Ms. Burnell’s request for equal treatment, Mr. Metcalfe and his co-Managing Partner Mr. Bishop fired Ms. Burnell after more than a decade of loyal service to the Firm.

The complaint can be read here.

Statement from Valdi Licul, Partner at Wigdor LLP:

“Extraordinarily qualified women like Ms. Burnell have been fighting for equal pay for generations. The law requires it. Sadly, male-dominated firms such as Astatine show that there is much work to be done. Not only was Ms. Burnell denied equal pay and a well-deserved promotion, Astatine fired her for standing up for her rights. We look forward to holding Astatine and its managing partners accountable.”

Press on the Case:


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