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Second Case Filed Against Neurological Surgery P.C. For Harassment And Retaliation Of Former Employees

Wigdor LLP represents Ms. Jean Menghini in its second lawsuit against Neurological Surgery, P.C. (“NSPC”). The Complaint alleges sexual harassment at the hands of three NSPC surgeons, Dr. Ramin Rak, Dr. Paolo Bolognese and Dr. William Sonstein. Ms. Menghini also alleges retaliation for her complaints against Dr. Rak and Dr. Bolognese for what she believed were unsafe surgical practices. Ms. Menghini alleged that her complaints to Dr. Michael Brisman, NSPC’s Chief Executive Officer, based on her good faith belief that Dr. Rak and Dr. Bolognese were not acting in the best interests of patients, fell on deaf ears. The Complaint explains that Ms. Menghini’s complaints about the discriminatory environment NSPC creates for women similarly went unanswered, and instead Ms. Menghini was fired.

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NY Daily News
“Former physician’s assistant at Neurological Surgery PC in Long Island says doctors sexually harassed and betlittled workers and took breaks during operations”
April 15, 2015
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