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Wigdor LLP Wins “Most Feared In Litigation” Award

Congratulations to our attorneys!

Wigdor LLP is pleased to announce that the Firm has been recognized as one of the most feared litigation firms in the United States, according to a 2018 research study conducted by BTI Consulting Group Inc.

The research included more than 350 in-depth interviews with top legal decision makers.  Firms appearing on the list are noted as being innovative and unpredictable, cutting through complex matters swiftly and decisively, showing force, and having a strong commitment to meeting client goals.

Notably, out of the 37 Law Firms Most Feared in Litigation, Wigdor LLP is by far the smallest in terms of total number of attorneys.  The vast majority of listed firms have amassed large rosters of hundreds of attorneys, with the largest employing over 2500 lawyers.  The average firm size among those listed is about 750 attorneys.  In stark contrast, Wigdor LLP employs only 12 attorneys.  As a result, the picture that emerges is clear: Wigdor LLP consistently provides each and every client with some of the most tenacious, highly skilled legal representation available in the Country.

As the only plaintiff-side employment litigation firm on the Most Feared in Litigation list, it is difficult to imagine another employment law firm that has made such an enormous impact on the lives of workers.  Whether taking on corporate behemoths like Fox News and Uber, representing victims of sexual harassment and assault by powerful men such as Harvey Weinstein and Dominique Strauss-Kahn, winning millions of dollars at trial and arbitration on behalf of its clients, or fighting for pay equity on behalf of women on Wall Street and beyond, Wigdor LLP remains steadfast in its refusal to be intimated by powerful corporations with virtually unlimited resources.

We believe all employees have a right to work in an environment free from harassment, discrimination, unfair wage practices, and any other form of hostile work environment.

The hallmark of our practice, and our promise to you, quite simply is: Unparalleled dedication, commitment and integrity in all of our work.

Thank you for your support.BTI Consulting Group
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