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Lawsuit Filed Against Leon Black

In July 2023, Wigdor LLP filed a complaint in Manhattan federal court on behalf of our client Jane Doe against Leon Black.  

Among many facts, the complaint alleges that when Jane Doe was a minor, she was violently raped by Leon Black at Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse.  

Ms. Doe is autistic and was born with Mosaic Down Syndrome.  Because of these facts, Epstein regularly commented on what he described as her childlike innocence, as well as her fair skin and bright blue eyes, as alleged in the complaint.  As set forth, Ghislaine Maxwell described Jane Doe as a “living doll.” 

The appalling allegations about the rape specifically are set forth in the complaint, which can be read here.

As reported in the news, Leon Black entered into a settlement agreement with the Attorney General’s Office of the U.S. Virgin Islands and paid $62.5 million to avoid potential claims associated with Epstein’s horrific sexual misconduct.   That settlement agreement happened in January 2023. 

News outlets have reported that the Senate announced it was looking into Leon Black’s payment of $158 million to Epstein for alleged “tax advice” even though Epstein was not a lawyer or tax advisor.

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Statement of Jeanne M. Christensen, Partner at Wigdor LLP:

“Due to legislative initiatives in NYS granting sexual violence victims the right to file claims previously barred by the statute of limitations, we were able to commence a legal action against Leon Black for harms committed years ago against our client Jane Doe when she was a minor.  This is significant for our client and for all sexual assault survivors.   It is an honor to represent Jane Doe and we look forward to proceeding to discovery and trial on Jane Doe’s claims.”

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