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Lawsuit against DLA Piper

We represent Anisha Mehta in her action against her former employer, DLA Piper. Horribly, the global law firm fired Ms. Mehta, a 7th year associate in the Intellectual Property & Technology practice group, 6 days after she submitted her paperwork for maternity leave. As alleged, despite a recent team meeting where downward pressure from clients on billing rates was discussed, Ms. Mehta was told she was fired because of her performance, not her 18-20 weeks of paid maternity leave.

DLA Piper told the 6-month pregnant Ms. Mehta that she was fired for performance even though in the prior year she had received only positive feedback and her base compensation was increased not once, not twice, but three times. She also recently received a bonus that was thirty percent of her base salary.  The complaint is attached here.

DLA Piper, who uses every opportunity to publicly claim that its efforts towards gender parity are on an upward trajectory, has opted to hide behind the silent walls of forced arbitration one more time.

If DLA Piper truly acted in compliance with the anti-discrimination laws, it should not be afraid to litigate Ms. Mehta’s case in open court.

Statement from Jeanne Christensen, Partner at Wigdor LLP:

“We look forward to holding DLA Piper accountable for its blatant gender discrimination as alleged on behalf of our client whose stellar legal career and advancement has been stymied by the mega-firm’s allegiance to profits over gender parity. DLA Piper should do what is right for all of its female employees and litigate these claims in federal court where they belong rather than confidential arbitration.”

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