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Douglas Wigdor’s Profile Featured In Bloomberg Businessweek

On September 22, 2017, Douglas Wigdor appeared in a feature profile in Bloomberg Businessweek titled, The Trump-Loving Lawyer Who Won’t Stop Suing Fox News. Mr. Wigdor currently represents over 20 current and/or former employees of Fox News in various claims of sexual harassment, racial discrimination, and defamation against the network.

Mr. Wigdor’s “multifront legal assault on Fox News has quickly elevated him to the top tier of telegenic anti-discrimination lawyers,” writes Felix Gillette of Bloomberg Businessweek. “‘Doug will attack from the press,’ says Derek Sells, an attorney and managing partner of the Cochran Firm, which was founded by the late Johnnie Cochran. ‘But you get him in the courtroom, and he’ll attack you there as well,’” the article reads. Read more.

The lengthy Businessweek profile names a variety of sources who are familiar with the vociferous quality of Mr. Wigdor’s work. “Senator D’Amato says keeping Wigdor on call is a good deal for his clients. ‘It’s much better to have him on our side than risk sitting across from him.’  It’s a strategy not available to companies like 21st Century Fox, already fending off a Wigdorian barrage.” Read more.

“‘He just will not be intimidated,’ says Jeffrey Speed, a board member at World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. Years ago, Wigdor represented Speed in a contract dispute with his former employer, Six Flags Entertainment Corp., winning a roughly $24 million ruling in arbitration. ‘He went up against one of the top New York law firms. We’d show up for hearings, and there’d be 10 lawyers across the table. He thrives on that.'” Read more.

This article was printed in Bloomberg Businessweek magazine on Monday, October 2, 2017.

Mr. Wigdor also appeared in a segment on Bloomberg TV and Bloomberg Radio. In an interview with Felix Gillette, Bloomberg TV hosts Julia Chatterly and Carol Massar discussed the allegations in the lawsuits, and also how Mr. Wigdor came to prominence as the top lawyer in the various racial discrimination and sexual harassment cases involving Fox News. Watch the full episode here. 

Bloomberg Businessweek
“The Trump-Loving Lawyer Who Won’t Stop Suing Fox News”
September 22, 2017
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