The Firm

Wigdor LLP is widely considered one of the leading employment Firms in the country, and our clients’ words tell our story best:

“When you face big companies you need someone who is not going to blink. You need someone just as confident as those guys on the other side, and the Firm is definitely that.”

“I really valued the Firm’s confidence. It clearly comes from their experience in winning cases — they broke it down, told me the formulas, knew every detail — and weren’t afraid.”

“Everyone I worked with at the Firm was well informed and really gave me the full picture of the scenario and made it clear they had my best interest at heart. They wanted me to make informed decisions — they earned my trust and they still have it.

Wigdor LLP’s expertise includes winning cases involving discrimination, harassment + retaliation, wrongful termination, executive compensation, employment agreements, restrictive covenants and other employment-related litigation. The Firm also has a strong track record in criminal law, sports and entertainment law, civil rights and catastrophic torts.

Formed over ten years ago, the Firm was known as Thompson Wigdor LLP. Since partner Kenneth P. Thompson’s election as the Brooklyn District Attorney, the Firm has been re-named Wigdor LLP.

The Wigdor LLP difference is built on four core principles:
Verdicts Matter

Our cases and consistent multi-million dollar verdicts have been covered in virtually every major news outlet, receiving worldwide attention. No other employment litigation Firm today has our courtroom experience and record.

Negotiating Power

Because we have a reputation for obtaining multi-million dollar verdicts, we are able to settle the majority of our cases without the need for even filing complaints. These confidential settlements total in the hundreds of millions.

Each Case is Unique

Many law Firms work on volume. We work for the individual client, and we are extremely selective in whom we choose to represent. Our process begins with careful vetting to ensure the best possible preparation and maintains the same high level of commitment throughout a matter. As a result, whether a case goes to trial or is settled, the Wigdor team and its clients are poised to achieve the most favorable possible outcome.

Track Record

Our results have been included in the New York Law Journal’s top verdicts six times in the last eight years, including the number one employment verdict in 2011 and the number two employment and number one disability discrimination verdicts in 2012. For more, please see testimonial and victories.