Class & Collective Actions

There are often situations where large groups of similarly situated employees are subject to common forms of unlawful treatment. In such situations, we can pursue recovery through what is known as a “class action” and/or a “collective action.” In a class and/or collective action, one or more individuals act as representatives of a larger group of individuals (“class members”) who have all been victims of similar alleged unlawful conduct.

Class actions may be appropriate in a variety of circumstances including where a company discriminates against a large group of similarly situated employees or where a company engages in unlawful wage practices that are common to a large group of employees.

Class actions also allow a group of similarly situated individuals to spread the costs of legal action among the group, where such costs might otherwise deter or effectively prohibit individuals from vindicating their rights. There are numerous other benefits to class and collective actions as well. We have represented thousands of employees in class and/or collective actions who have been subjected to unlawful discrimination or have been victims of wage violations. We have successfully resolved many class and/or collective actions totaling millions of dollars.